Fibermate kiddy


Fibermate kiddy

Fiber Mate Kiddy, a natural prebiotic fiber for constipated children.
Fiber Mate Kiddy, a natural dietary fiber from Japan, helps children to get natural fiber easier than ever. Made from Guar Bean. Produced with a unique technology to get natural fiber that is easily soluble in water, no color, smell and taste, non viscous, and non swell like the traditional fiber. It helps solving children ‘s constipation problem, to excrete regularly and easily,  also help soften stools.

Problem solving for kids who avoid vegetable

Fiber Mate Kiddy the simply way to strengthen dietary fiber for kids. “Invisible fiber”, the great assistant to help kids to easily get fiber. With 100% soluble in water, no color,  no smell, no taste, and additionally no viscous or swelled, It can be mixed in every semi-liquid food both cold or hot. Kids can fully gained dietary fiber without having to notice.

The solution of kid’s constipation, balancing excretory system with Fibermate Kiddy.

Life saving for those who have a constipation problem with natural prebiotic fiber. It can provide dietary fiber and stimulate the excretory system to naturally function. Additionally, its prebiotic’s property strengthen the growth of good intestinal bacteria such as Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium. With continually consuming, it will balance the function of intestine by making excrement softer and easy excretion regularly.

For kids with regularly constipation

Initially, if kids have a symptom of constipation or difficulty in excretion, laxative or rectal enema should be used first. Since Fibermate Kiddy is natural prebiotic fiber which helps balancing the excretion and do not work as a laxative. It will not effect immediately excrete after taken. The laxative should be stopped when kids’ excretion are normalized.

What Fibermate kiddy can be mixed in

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