Fiber Mate


Fiber mate

Fibermate, natural prebiotic fiber from Japan, is suitable for those who have constipation problem and difficulty in excretion. It is made from Guar Bean by the unique technology until becomes natural dietary fiber. Fibermate is soluble in water, no color, smell and taste also non viscous or swell, which is different from traditional fiber.

Balance Intestinal system

Fiber Mate helps balancing the function of intestinal system by moisturizing and softening excrement and increasing good intestinal bacteria. So it helps relieving constipation and normalizing excretion. Fiber Mate is suitable for everyone in family, including  the elderly.

How to take

Fiber Mate can be mixed in any food and drink and can be safely taken daily. Recommend consumption for the relief of constipation : 1 sachet (2 tablespoons) 2 times per day. If having a symptoms of chronic constipation, should combine  using with laxative initially or adjust the consumption appropriately.

Variety of dishes to take with Fiber Mate

Interesting Facts about Fibermate